What Elsa?

Every great story needs a day off. Today was ours. We may need it. Tropical Storm Elsa is putting a slight hitch in our get-a-long. I can’t complain. While a touch on the hot side, our weather has been uneventful and conducive to chewing up large numbers of miles across the southeastern U.S. Other than weather-hold interruptions of an evening swim in the indoor-outdoor pool and our downhill mountain biking chairlift – yes, I know that’s cheating – for lightning, we’ve aced every meteorologic exam NOAA has thrown at us. 

Tomorrow we’ll dodge a band of thunderstorms converging with Elsa’s trajectory over the Atlantic coast. Google maps says Snowshoe, WV to Jim Thorpe, PA should take a proper vehicle exactly six hours and twenty-five minutes. In Jeep time, we add 15 minutes to each hour and factor in an hour of stoppage time…so we’re planning on a nine-hour roll. If downpours force us to pull off the road it will be even longer. 35-inch tires become hydroplaning sleds in gears three through six. Hoping for dry pavement and calm winds.

DH mtn biking. Snowshoe, WV
Nightly Golf Tournament

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